It is 1991, a missile has been launched, and the President's IT man is incompetent. You are sitting in an unmarked van outside the White House, armed with a scrapbook of hastily thrown-together notes and an old PC. You might just be able to save the world.  Don't be long though, in one minute the missiles will hit their target, and you will be tracked down. Good luck.

3 different endings, and one minute.


Type commands with your keyboard.

Navigate notebook with arrow keys.

Open notebook with button in bottom right.

This was a joy to design and make - my first game jam submission! (Hopefully of many!)

I have a youtube channel, check it out if you want to see the game's devlog, or my main project, Lumbermill, being built in weekly videos!

Update: Wow, the game came 72nd of 2648 games for GMTK 2019! I'm so glad everyone liked it. excited to get involved in future jams!


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Well Done! Very fun to play

This game is AWSOMOE i like the 90's art style in the background. i like how u have to play the game morw than once to beat it

Nice i tryed making a terminal game before and... it went BAD 


Hey this is super cool! Well done!